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The Team Selection Test is the test that will determine the selection of the U.S. Team to the Hua Cup (for more information on the Hua Cup, click on "Hua Cup" under "U.S. Team" on the left).

2012 Team Selection Test

2012 Team Selection Test Solutions

The format for the 2013 Team Selection Test has changed from last year mainly because we want to make our TST more closely resemble the actual Hua Cup exam.

2013 Team Selection Test Format:
1. Consists of 8 short answer problems and 2 free-response problems.
2. Time limit: 90 minutes
3. All answers for the 8 short-answer problems are number ranging from negative infinity to positive infinity. No work needs to be shown.
4. The free-response problems require "proof type" solutions. All work must be shown to these problems.
5. Each short-answer problem is worth 10 points, giving a total of 80 points for the short-answer problems.
6. The two free-response problems are each worth 15 and 25 points, giving a total of 40 points for free-response problems.
7. You may only use scratch paper, graph paper, pencils, pens, rulers, compasses, and protractors during this contest. No other aids may be used during the test.
8. No one is expected to solve all problems.

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