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Approximately top 30 of the participants will be chose to participate in the Math Talent Quest Online Math Training Program. The program will consists of intense math training designed to prepare the chosen students for harder level olympiad math and to choose the U.S. team for the 2012 Chinese National Hua Cup Contest.

A detailed schedule for the training program will be posted as soon as the top 30 students are announced.

Several practice olympiads will be given to participants of the program. A combined score will be determined by the performance of participants on these practice olympiads. The two students in grades 1-6 and two students in 7th grade with the highest total scores will be chosen to represent U.S. to compete in the Chinese National Hua Cup Contest. All off-shore cost (including airfare) related to the contest will be paid by the Math Talent Quest Organization.

For more information on the Chinese National Hua Cup Contest, please click "Hua Luo Geng Golden Cup Math Invitational Competition" under "U.S. Team" on the side bar.

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