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The Hua Luo Geng Golden Cup Youth Invitational Competition is an international mathematics contest based in China with a substantial history dating back to 1986. Since its founding, more than 30 million students have participated, drawn primarily from Asian countries. The present project to develop and send a US team represents the first time the United States will be represented in this event.

As its more lengthy title indicates, the Hua Cup targets high ability youth, which for the purposes of the competition means grade 8 and below. The team will be small; under the rules, teams must be comprised of only six students, two from grade 8, two from grade 7 and two from grades 1-6. Very roughly speaking, this is the character of a MathCounts-like US all-star team.


It is our intention that the team selection process be open, so that nominations are not necessary in principle. However, since this is a new effort with processes that are new and as yet untested in actual implementation, we welcome nominations backed by established competition records demonstrating national-level distinction. All students must participate in the full selection process, but the information provided through nominations will help us evaluate our qualification data in the existing national context.


Individual Round: 2 individual rounds that include all math topics (Algebra, Geometry, Combinations, Number Theory).

Team Round: 1 team round where all 4 members of the team work together to solve a set of problems.

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