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There are 4 programs under the Math Talent Quest:

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The MTQ Screening Exam, which is a nation-wide math contest open to anyone in 1st-8th grade.

The Online Training Program, which provides an intense one-month training (lessons covering all 4 areas of competition math, hundreds of practice problems, practice exams, and much more) for the top 50 students selected from the preliminary exam, in which students actively engage with coaches and other students through online methods.

The Team Selection Test, which is taken place in April and is used to select the U.S. Team composed of 6 students (two 7th graders, two 5th-6th graders, and two 3rd-4th graders).

The U.S. Team selected by the TST will receive another one-month training to prepare for the Hua Cup, which takes place at late-July.

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